Become a Foster Parent

Never underestimate the power that one individual can have on the life of a child. Just one caring foster parent can restore a soul, mend a heart or provide hope. They can even change a life.

Loving people from all walks of life can become foster parents. By doing so, you are awarded a chance to change the world by making one child’s life better.

Foster kids need what all kids need: time, security and love. As a foster parent, you will provide a safe and caring home for a child during times of transition, such as preparing for family reunification, adoption or independent living.

The Villages is a fully licensed and accredited child and family services agency, working to support new and existing Indiana foster families. We believe in the importance of continuing education and development for foster families, even after licensing is completed. After licensing, foster parents continue to build their skills by participating in ongoing training and development activities.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming the Power of One for a child, please fill out the Foster Parent Inquiry Form below and a Villages’ staff member will contact you!

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The Villages foster parents portrayed in the video on this page are, indeed, the faces and voices of some of the many dedicated foster families who serve The Villages. However, because children who have been removed from their families by the Indiana Department of Child Services are protected by appropriate confidentiality policies, the children you see are not actually children in foster care. Instead, these children are “friends of The Villages” whose parents have graciously agreed to allow them to assist The Villages in reaching and recruiting additional, much-needed foster families for Indiana’s abused and neglected children.