Help The Villages increase our diaper supply by 250,000 on Diaper Day

Baby sitting indoors with block smiling

The Villages of Indiana serves 3,000 children and families each day across the state of Indiana. Nearly 1,100 of these children are in need of diapers. Depending on diaper brand, a family may spend about $35 per week for their infant or toddler on diapers alone. Low-income families typically spend more because they buy in smaller quantities instead of benefiting from the savings of buying in bulk due to tight finances, according to the National Diaper Bank.

The ongoing diaper need not only impacts the health of the infant or toddler, but creates a stress for the parents and caregivers.

Help The Villages fill this gap on Diaper Day, Wednesday, Aug. 23, during our online community event. Here’s how to help us reach our goal of 250,000 diapers:

  • On Aug. 23, go to The Villages’ Amazon Wish Lists
  • Buy diapers and they will be delivered to The Villages’ office to distribute to the Hoosier families we serve.*
  • To make a donation via another online retailer or in person, click here to find the Indiana Villages office closest to you.

Please remember to share your generosity with your friends on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #VillagesDiaperDay.

“We know the timing and circumstances might not be right for everyone to become a foster parent, yet we also know there are ways our community can support the nearly 23,000 children in need in Indiana’s foster care system. We’re inviting people to make a diaper donation online via The Villages Amazon Wish Lists to help families and children. It’s easy, and it will make a real difference for a foster family,” says Sharon Pierce, President and CEO of The Villages.

*To receive an acknowledgement for tax purposes, send the receipt to, as Amazon does not provide organizations a private donor’s information.