As a Division of The Villages, Prevent Child Abuse Indiana serves as a catalyst for preventing child abuse in all its forms and thereby enhancing the quality of life for children and families in Indiana.

The vision of Prevent Child Abuse Indiana is to live in a state where children flourish, free from abuse and neglect. Therefore, child abuse and neglect should be prevented before the pain has been inflicted.

Prevent Child Abuse Indiana works with community, state and national groups to expand and disseminate information about child abuse prevention. Further, Prevent Child Abuse Indiana translates that information into action through the development of sound child- and family-oriented policies, community-based prevention activities, public awareness and educational initiatives.

Prevent Child Abuse Indiana is governed by a geographically and culturally diverse Board of Directors, dedicated to the mission of the organization. Prevent Child Abuse Indiana is supported by an experienced, professional staff and includes a statewide network of affiliated and chartered Councils.

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